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I will always remember you with every breath that I take ...

Dear Dr. Umeh and Dr. Alabi,

I was recently a patient of yours in the ICU at Celebration Florida Hospital. I wanted to write you and express my thanks to you for saving my life. Fortunately, I do not remember by entire stay at the hospital, but my husband does.


I know that without your care and knowledge, I may not be here at home with my husband and children here in Wyoming. Thank you from all of my family. I will remember you with every breath that I take.


Carolyn Lacee Sims

I can only hope to receive treatment from a Doctor as wonderful as you ...


Thank you so much for all you did while caring for our mother...

Dear Dr. Umeh, Shannon, and Eric,

Thank you so much for all you did while caring for our mother, Rita Swenson. She appreciated all your help during her journey that started in February. It was much quicker than we ever would have thought. Mom had many good days because of your help and care.


I am so thankful that you all tolerated my many phone calls, long stories, and endless questions. Of course, we just wanted the best for our mother and we feel blessed that God provided us with this wonderful team.


God bless you all,

Linda Campbell

Thank you for helping the passenger who was taken ill during your flight...

Dear Dr. Umeh,

This is to say a very genuine thank you. Our staff was extremely grateful for your help with the passenger that was taken ill during your recent flight to Orlando.


Our cabin crew are trained to give assistance but there are some occasions when they need the support of a medical professional, like yourself. Thank you again, and I do hope you will travel with us very soon.


Yours Sincerely,

Lyndon Alphonso

Customer Relations, British Airways

I thank you for making the choice in your life to help others heal

Thank You

You honestly saved my life. My wife, children and grandchildren thank you...

Dear Dr. Umeh,

With all my fibers, I take it upon myself to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me under your care and treating me with rigid and agressive therapy.


You honestly saved my life. My wife, children, and grandchildren thank you. Please enjoy the LeRoy Neiman. All my best and fondest concerns to you and your family. You are a very good doctor.



Lou Yellin

I am still in shock at the suddeness of my attack. Life is full of surprises...

Dear Dr. Alabi,

I do want to thank you for the care I received in the emergency room and in the D unit. The staff were outstanding and I also want to thank you and truly appreciate your care and concern. I am still a little in shock at the suddeness of my attack when I felt no illness. Life is full of surprises.


I just had the results of my latest bloodwork and I and my doctor are very happy. I am still on medication but have no pain. I wanted to let you know I am safely home in Texas. A special thank you to Dr. Umeh, please pass this on with my great appreciation to you.


Your ex-patient,

Esther Davis

Celebration Health praises Florida Lung, Asthma & Sleep Specialists

Dear Dr. Alabi,

Florida Hospital Celebration Health is committed to extending the healing Ministry to all of our patients. We recognize that you are an integral part of that process with the care that you give to your patients. It is always nice when we receive letters recognizing your work and the relationship you have established with your patients.


I wanted to share the enclosed note that we received from a grateful patient and thank you for all that you do. We are honored to be your partner in caring for your patients.



Monical Reed, MD (CEO Celebration Health)



Thank you for the expert care and going beyond to diagnose and treat my illness. I am deeply grateful. God bless you all, Barbara Whitten